One Man Auger / Post Hole Digger Rentals in CT


Need some help digging? Our one-man Post Hole Diggers are ideal for fencing, tree planting, and landcaping. Whether you are a contractor, landscaper, or just have a do-it-yourself project, a Post Hole Digger will take the hard work out the job, and make digging holes easier, quicker, and safer. CT Rental Center's Equipment Division's one-man auger features a fuel-efficient engine that delivers high torque at a low RPM. Its lightweight construction allows you to drill with better control from an upright position. For Post Hole Digger Rentals in CT, Contact CT Rental Center's Equipment Division today. 



Engine: 1.6 hp Subaru Engine
Attatchments: Comes with 4" or 6" Auger
166 R


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