You know how home projects can sometimes be overwhelming. Well, Connecticut Rental Center has the right tools you need to make your next fix-up job a breeze. Whether it's floor sanding, wallpaper removal, gardening, or creating the perfect lawn, we know what you need.

Don't purchase equipment for a one-time job or for finishing a project when your equipment suddenly stops working. Come to Connecticut Rental Center where our staff is on hand to discuss the project you want to complete and to provide assistance in selecting the right tools and accessories to give you the results you want.

It is our policy to be sure you fully understand how to operate every piece of equipment that you rent from us regardless of whether you have used the equipment before or are a novice. When you rent from us, you will have the confidence and know-how to complete your task with ease. We will also make sure that you have all of the necessary accessories that you need to finish the project.

You'll be amazed at the amount of equipment in our inventory and we'll amaze you with our expertise and helpfulness. We Do It All!

Call us today at 1-800-323-9225 for our latest Do-It-Yourselfer Equipment Rate Guide or request a price list by email by filling out our online form.

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