About Us
Connecticut Rental Center has been a family owned company since 1969 with the simple motto “we’ve got it all.” In business for over 48 years, Connecticut Rental Center is an independent and locally owned company where great customer service and helpful information is always important.

Our History
Bob Byrne had a dream that he could bring a new type of business called Rental to central Connecticut.  That dream became a reality in in 1969 when he opened Taylor Rental Center in Portland CT.  In 1979, Bob moved his business to Middletown, CT to its present location; 30 deKoven Drive close by to Wesleyan University, Main Street Middletown, and Route 9.  In 1985 Byrne took the company independent to form Connecticut Rental Center's Inc. with his son Tom Byrne by his side.  In 2012 Bob retired and his son Tom took over ownership and management of the business. Now with Tom's wife Dawn and his two sons Garrett and Riley and nephew Kevin Peterson the family business continues to grow and add new and exciting rental equipment every year.

A large variety products and equipment are available for special events, parties, contracting jobs, and do-it-yourself projects for the entire state of Connecticut.  We service the event industry, contractors, do-it-yourselfers, sporting events, residential homeowners, military, exhibition, and even the disaster relief business.  We have even added a line of Vintage Party Rentals. 

We are a proud member of the international trade association for the rental equipment industry; The American Rental Association.

Contractor and Do-It-Yourself Equipment
It’s our policy to be sure you fully understand how to operate every piece of equipment you rent regardless of whether you are experienced or just starting out. We will make sure you have all the necessary accessories needed to finish the project.

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